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Dear Readers,

I need your help! I began shooting less than a year ago, and soon found myself looking forward to weekly range visits. I started writing the ArmedCandy blog in order to share my learning experiences with other beginners. I had no idea that so many people shared my love of shooting and learning about guns. I am beyond excited at how our community has grown.

As a new shooter and trained designer, I have fruitlessly sought attractive, high quality gun gear that is smartly designed. I have ideas for range gear, a conceal carry line of clothing, as well as plans for fashion forward holsters specifically designed for the female body. I believe that these products will begin to fill the void in offerings for the gun toting female population.

I love writing the blog, but would now like to open an ArmedCandy online retail shop as an off-shoot of the blog. The shop will offer AC designs as well as products from companies and crafts people who are enhancing the female shooter's experience. Opening the shop first, will allow me to reinvest earnings in developing more and more products. I am currently struggling to pull together the funding needed to design and establish the e-store, set-up the order-fullfilment system, and produce a limited quantity of merchandise.

So I turn to you, as you have been so helpful to me in the past, how can I/we make this happen?

Thank you so much for your help!
ArmedCandy aka "Gabby"

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Shoothouse USA said...

We found Paypal to be a remarkably functional & easy to use application for taking payment, calculating & printing shipping, and inventory tracking. We formed strategic aliances with vendors to produce items for us at either wholesale or consignment terms, which allowed us to offer a broad array of inventory so we could track what sold & what didnt. Interestingly we found about a 75-90 day acceptance period for many of our items. In other words new products would hit the shelf but would not start turning over until sometime in the 3rd month. At that point they either started to move or we discounted them down & got rid of them. Hope this helps! There are many great retailing articles that can translate into online sales from being a member of NSSF as well.

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