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Hold my gun while I Rant

           The other day, I found myself watching a certain morning talk show. The show is hosted by two well-known women, and is produced in New York City. The women brought up the attached YouTube video. (A few days ago I posted this video on the ArmedCandy Facebook page, because I thought this was a clever parenting technique.) The conversation that transpired included statements similar to the following: One woman said to the other "Why did he have to use a gun?" The other woman continued, "...well, look at how he is dressed. Maybe it is part of his culture." The hosts went on to misquote the man, as having disparaged the child's mother with his last shot, and I am pretty sure they had not watched the whole video. If one were to watch the video in its entirety, they would see that this man is educated and hard-working. They would also see he is highly upset by his daughter's actions and no matter how extreme his actions may seem, he is obviously a parent who wants to raise a well mannered, responsible woman.

I grew up in New York City. I understand the mindset that many New Yorkers carry toward guns. If I could put words to their thoughts, this is what you might hear:
  • "Only bad guys have guns."
  • "Guns are for overzealous, nut jobs & backwoods hillbillies."
  • "If one ever encounters/uses/owns a gun, they will most likely, eventually be hurt by one."
However, I have seen better dressed people speak less eloquently, on the streets of Manhattan and I am frustrated by his being judged, just for his use of a gun. This gentleman, is nothing more than and concerned parent who should not be chastised for his use of a weapon, but applauded him for his involvement in his child's life.


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Joanne Ludos said...

Sadly, another demonstration of Hollywood "know it alls" who really know nothing. If someone were to look at them and say, "Look how she's dressed, it must be a part of her culture", they'd be SOOOO offended. They're hypocritical and uneducated about what 99% of America is actually like - they're just showing their viewers that they're brainwashed Hollywood ignoramuses (or is it ignorami?) ;)

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