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Hoster This (too)

Here is a holster made by an amateur leather worker and friend of my local range, Paolo Leardini. He began working with leather after an injury to his hand, and now, with a little help from his daughter, molds one of a kind holsters for discerning gun owners. He has created this pocket or purse sleeve for a S&W 642 or 442 revolver. It will protect your weapon as it rests next to your iphone and your car keys, while being so sexy you'll want to keep it with you everyday. I find the feminine details on this piece, wonderfully subtle, yet satisfyingly girly. Though I believe purse carry to be the least desirable carry options for anyone, sometimes our fashion choices just won't allow us to holster up. However, this sassy holster will do double duty when pocket carry is an option. The outer edge of the holster mimics the shape of a pocket keeping your carry revolver close at hand and positioned for quick gripping.

I was surprised to discover that this is Paolo's very first holster for ladies. He has, however, built many custom pieces for the gentlemen at Sandy Springs Gun Range. His work is all custom and may include all sorts of fun embellishments from rheinstones to parts cut from bullet casing. Though this holster is not, he has created soft linings with materials such as calf skin. Paolo has created a few more since finishing this one, and he is excited to show off his design growth.

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