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Ssshhh, we don't want to frighten the fellas...

I found this thread on a message board from North Carolina, last week. I guess they are on notice.

• SB wrote: i don't know if you guy's realize this, but in my observations of women shooters .. it seems that most women have a natural ability with guns .. i don't know how many times at the range i will see a NEW female shooter just take to it like a duck to water .. as long as the person teaching them isn't stupid and starts them off with a 45 or something .. also you will find that once they get over the "fear" they will generate to the larger calibers .. they carry smaller guns i think for the concealment factor .. of course that is only my take on it .. i bet some of the ladies here will chime in and prove "that once again SB is right!" ..

• I'm not a lady, but 'SB is right!' There are always exceptions, but I have also noticed that in general the new female shooter seems to be able to just pick up a gun and use it effectively with minimal instruction. And once they have it down they like making big holes as much as anybody else.

• SB I believe you are correct, and I think there was a study done that showed the ladies have a more instinctual hand eye coordination than us dudes - and certainly until they tire after a few rounds an untrained woman is more quickly able to shoot well than the untrained male. Once either gets familiar with the weaponn then it's down to the individual. Clearly there will be exceptions to this - so don't start shooting my way

• In my conceal carry class. 6 women, 4 men. Just saying. I can't say the women needed more instruction qualifying than the men either.

• I wonder whether the increase in overall gun sales in 2011 was inversely proportional to the total sales volumes for shoes and purses. That'll be the tale of the tape right there. When women like my wife forego a new purse or new shoes for a new gun, then we're really getting somewhere. I know my wife can pick up a gun she's never even held before and blast off a really nice group with it.

• More and more women are buying handguns for personal safety. They are choosing them themselves, to fit their intended use, their hands, and taking instruction more today than in past years. Education is a key component to firearms safety (duh?) and women take this seriously. The Women's Only pistol classes at my local range are filled and there is a waiting list. Women want to learn! They learn quickly before bad habits are formed and are very accurate. Often times the waiting list comprises of friends of previous students. Word of mouth from other women is strong! You all know how we love to talk!! We are in the process of developing a Women's Only Action Match. The women are very receptive to this and will leave their men at home. To see the faces and the smiles of new shooters, men and women, as they look at their first targets is rewarding to me as a Basic Pistol Instructor. As they leave the range I know they will take their 2nd amendments rights seriously!

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Bill Barr said...

It is historical fact that women are better shots. The Russians discovered this in WWII and recruited thousands of women as snipers.

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