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Growing as a Shooter (Part I)

A few weeks ago I went to my first "Fun Shoot" put on by, Archangel Tactical LLC, at Sandy Springs Shooting Range. It was my first chance to try some practical shooting & moving while shooting. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend doing something like this, as it will help you assess your shooting and training from a new perspective. I had a lot of fun and got my adrenaline pumping. However, I left the experience highly aware that I am still, very much, a beginner.

The three stage activity was set up for all ages and skill levels and our 15 person group covered them all. The 1st two scenarios were defensive in nature, we each took turns running the course. On the sound of the buzzer we would address a number of (dummy) assailants with two shots each while moving forward or taking cover behind realistic items. My time was very near the group's median and all 10 of my rounds landed exactly as intended, center-mass.
A video of the second round can be found here.

All in all I was happy with my performance, after the second round. However, in the third & final stage, my pathetic showing, caused me major concern. This stage was competitive. Three paper plates were stapled to a wood post and we had to land two rounds into each plate before the other shooter was finished.

Here is the same event, but from a different angle.

Look for Part II soon...

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Gracie said...

Sounds like fun! You should shoot action pistol!

Gabby said...

Yeah, that does sound like something I'd like!

Nolan said...

Hey, I ran into you on ODT and figured I'd check this out. I'm getting my GF into shooting because I'm a huge enthusiast and have been for many years now. She is very much a beginner and I figured it'd be cool to send her your way so she doesn't feel like a lonely newbie. You should set up a girls shoot sometime and let me know on ODT (Proximal). I also wanted to throw you a suggestion on some female enthusiasts channels on YouTube. faliaphotography, lbrtynjustice4all, and thepatriotnurse.

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