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Ooohh! Sparkly!

As soon as I saw this product I thought, "...Holy ArmedCandy Batman! I must tell every Candy about Brilliant Backstraps!"Purple Swirl
Batman Sqirt Gun
I brought a Brilliant Backstrap to my local range to get their thoughts (and to see them, in action, installed on an M&P). When I pulled one from my bag a few guys rolled their eyes, but as soon as I placed the purple & black swirls on a new S&W M&P from the sales display, people began to comment.
More than one woman's initial reaction was:
"...well now I kinda want an M&P!"
"I would totally carry that!"
"Do they Make those for my *insert brand of gun here*."

I even overheard one male shopper say, "I've been looking for something for my fiancé..." as he noticed the sparkles.

Aside from bring you cool looking gear, I realize it is also my responsibility to make sure said gear functions properly. I put the Brilliant Backstraps through a few torture tests and was impressed. The glitter didn't flake or scratch off. I didn't notice a difference in my ability to grip the M&P. The glitter didn't scratch me or leave an impression in my palm.

Not only am I impressed with this product's looks and functionality, but it get bonus points for being hand-made in the USA by a female shooter, instructor & all-around nice lady.

If you are someone who has ever, used glitter, seen glitter, or heard of glitter, your final question will likely be: will I end up covered in glitter? Surprise! Not Really! A few tiny pieces ended up in my palm at first, but after some handling no more excess bits migrated. Then again, if your guy asks you to explain, just say, "No honey, I wasn't at the range! I just grabbed lunch at the strip club..."

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Anonymous said...

Currently available at GunGoddess.com

Tracy Hughes said...

Thank you, Armed Candy for showing off the bling and putting the backstraps to the test! And thank you for a great review!! It's much appreciated!

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