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Growing as a Shooter (Part II)

By Gabby

Be sure to read Part I before proceeding.

So What did I do wrong?
-It took me forever to establish the first sight picture from low ready.
-I got frazled at hearing my competetors first shots go off, especially because I was yet to establish my first sight picture.
-After the first plate, I doubt I sighted at all.
- I emptied my magazine of all 10 rounds I'd loaded but only one made it on a plate.
- I was told, by the trainer running the shot clock, that most of my shots were high.

I concluded that my accuracy went out the window when I was under time pressure and my training needed to be adjusted to address this. I reached out to more experienced shooters & help came from a fellow blogger.

This advice was part of a larger email, very generously sent by Bob Johnson at Gun Politics Blog:
"Set up a "shot timer" to beep when it starts and then draw, double tap (yes two rounds center mass,) lower to the alert position (muzzle to the ground @ 45 degree angle) and then check your time. Keep doing that until your time gets to where you want it. At this point I added a headshot to the mix so double tap to the chest followed  by a shot to the head and then lower the muzzle – this is how the military.  (You will find timing yourself is more effective with someone else to work the timer.)
"After you have those drills down to muscle memory to where you can perform them without conscious thought you can move on to things like multiple target acquisition (two shots per target and if you miss w/ both shots move on – How many targets you use should initially be determined by the capacity of your weapon which for me is 6 shots before reloading so 3 targets."
So I went in search of a "shot timer"...

Look for Part III soon


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