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Bra Holster Review

As some of you are aware, one of my goals with ArmedCandy is to bring to the market products for women that enhance the shooting and carrying experience. Some of these may be my own designs but many great products already exist. As I explore the currently available options, I share them with you, so that your hunt may be an easier one.
A note before you dive in: This review is of a product that is made for women. There should be very little need for male shooters to weigh in on this article. If you gentlemen do feel so compelled, please, keep it classy.
Thank you -AC
Ruger LCRI walked into the range and my test group was already playing with the Flashbang Holster and a Ruger LCRevolver.
I am immediately terrified as I watch, because the gun is repeatedly pointed at the tester's left breast. Of course the gun is not loaded, but knowing that the goal of this exercise is to strap a loaded weapon to her chest, that, if positioned correctly, will be pointed at her heart, all day, everyday, makes me question the definition of "success" in this operation. True, the likely-hood of the gun firing, while strapped in place, is minimal, I still find this holster’s configuration concerning. I base this thought mostly on the fact that generally, people shoot themselves when drawing or re-holstering their weapon. (This data was confirmed by multiple shooting instructors.)

included plastic clam-shell and three leather straps
The Flashbang Holster is a concept my testers and I love. We are big fans of taking advantage of the female form in order to hide a weapon. In theory, cleavage carry seams like a viable option and the manufacturer's videos make the holster seem simple and affective.

Flashbang HolsterThen we attempted to install the flash bang and our confidence went out the window. We just couldn't get it to sit correctly.  The plastic clam-shell came with three different strap lengths for securing the plastic clam-shell to the center band of one's bra.  None of these seemed to be the right length to hold the clam shell where we assumed it was supposed to go. The clam-shell is specific to each gun model and is available for a number of  weapons, but in most of the videos, we noticed that the women were demonstrating the holster with the smallest of gun options.  Conversely, we were testing with a revolver that is not part of the "smallest gun" category.  Still, the holster was offered for this gun model so we pressed on.

I believe our issues began at the packaging. The holster came in a simple plastic zipper bag with a sticker depicting the brands image. Instructions were included explaining how to change the leather straps, but no where was there an explanation of how to wear the holster. We turned to YouTube and found a number of videos but none gave us clear directions. Here is the one upon which we relied:

Attempting to use the Flashbang on a dress formThe group of women I gathered to test the holster represented a range of bra cup sizes and body types and yet, none of us could make it work. The busty girls felt that it made them appear asymmetrical, if they could manage to secure the holster at all. The petite woman, who was the only one who got the holster close to working, still had a small central lump appear under her shirt and also complained of breast pain the following day.
LCP in the FlashBang Holster

Ruger LCPAfter a significant amount of time fumbling and poking ourselves, we came to one main conclusion. The smaller the gun, the easier it is to conceal... Wait, we knew that going into this! I could put a Ruger LCP (seen at left) in my pocket and people would just assume it was a cell phone. But frankly, I don't want to shoot an LCP. I want to carry a gun, with which I feel confident. As s**t hits the fan, I'll be reaching for a weapon with which I often practice, and that doesn't cause my palms to sting from the recoil.  So, I guess I wont be drawing my gun from a Flashbang bra holster.  *Sigh* The search continues.

I have heard from women who swear by the Flashbang Holster. I'm glad they have found something that works for them. My test group and I are still hunting for a solution. In the meantime we deal with the difficult balance of weapon preference, comfort and fashion.

©2012-ArmedCandy, LLC.

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Nancy Lundy said...

There is an instructional video on Youtube by a male Looper employee that is far more helpful.  Search for "Flashbang Holter Tutorial."  I'm a big girl and am able to wear my Taurus 380 comfortably and confidently.  The video gives more detail on how to adjust it to fit your bra type and body type.  I wear my "strap upside down " compared to what the package instructs.  I got this recommendation from the video.  I do hate that it does add to my already large bustline, but it's a price I'm willing to pay to have my gun conveniently hidden and accessible.  It is occasionally "pinchy," but again, it's accessible and concealed.  I did read a recommendation to add some moleskin to the back of the holster to help with this.

ArmedCandy said...

I'm glad it works for you! And the video IS much more helpful. Still, so far I've only heard from people who carry tiny pistols. Anyone using a revolver?
Also, how do you feel about the fact that your gun is pointed at you heart?
Thanks for commenting,

Karen said...

How is your gun pointed at your heart?  When I wear my holster the barrel is parallel to my body, the only thing I could ever muzzle is my arm and that would be difficult. 

ArmedCandy said...

In our tests the was slightly angled inward and smooshed into my left breast so that the muzzle could have left an circle imprint if It didn't have kydex around it. Once again, a revolver doesn't lay as flat as a pistol, but I'm happy if it's working for you.

Nadine Soldavini Hastings said...

I bought a Flash Bang recently and have yet to be able to make it "work".  Frustrating.  I've watched video after video to no avail.  I am not a skinny girl and I am quite busty.  When I first get things situated all seems fine.  Then I turn or bend and there she goes -- slides right out from under the band.  It isn't concealed if - every time you move - ou have to grab your bra and "adjust".  I will keep playing with it but so far - not a fan. 

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of the holster. i wore it for one day Nd had nothing but trouble. it concerned me greatly when i was driving because of my seatbelt resting over the gun. i kept taking it off when i got into the truck which earned me several looks.the plastic pinched and even on a fifty degreeday it still got sweaty and stuck. i theorized that wearing a non underwire bra may of helped with my comfort level. the grips of my lcr would pop out and show under my shirt. of course my gunsmith thought my situation to be humorous. i can see the appeal of the holster if you can get it to be comfortable.

Anonymous said...

I use the Flash Bang holster for my Smith and Wesson revolver and have found a comfortable way to arrange it. I did add moleskin to the skin side of the holster with much added comfort. I put the whole thing up under my bra, grip under the right cup and barrel under the left cup. So happy to have been shown this holster before giving up my revolver for a smaller weapon.

Pete S. said...

I originally saw the Flashbang holster on a SHOTShow review by a young woman who goes by FaliaPhotography on youtube: (http://www.youtube.com/user/faliaphotography).  She might be able to shed more light on the use/fulness of this product, if you are still willing to try and make it work.  That being said, it also seems that you're still in the process of trying to find the right firearm, one that is the perfect compromise between size, form, and function.  If you are willing to spend a little extra money, you might want to try the Sig Sauer P238.  I currently own one for pocket carry, and I can attest to the fact that the gun is small enough to fit in a pocket, or a lady's purse, or perhaps even a Flashbang holster (though I think it might weigh a bit too much for that), but it also has spectacular sights (mine also has factory Tritium night sights), and shoots more accurately than a 2.7inch .380ACP has any business shooting.  Recoil is easily manageable, as well.  It truly is a great firearm.  Good luck in finding the one that fits you best.

mandan braves said...

i have a glock 19 and would love to purchase the marilyn holster but im not sure if my gun would be too big for it. would it?

ArmedCandy said...

The Marilyn relies on you placing your ccw INSIDE the strap of your bra, under your arm. While I doubt they make that holster for the 19, do you really think that gun would comfortably sit in that spot? If so, contact Mrs. Looper and see if she'll make you something custom. Personally, I can't imagine carrying the 19 anywhere but in a purse. Even the 26, I found difficult to conceal. Good Luck!

Abby Coffey said...

I carry a Glock 19 in a Remora holster or in an undertech concealment shirt. I am not a very large female but I dress around my gun not the other way around. I would never carry in a purse, so I can always find a way to carry on my body.
I also have a Flashbang for my Smith and Wesson .38 and my Beretta Nano, so I have something for whatever I have to wear for the day.

Artemis Grey said...

I just recently purchased a XDs 45 and bought a Flash Bang holster for daily (warm weather) carry. I'm still getting used to the holster, so keep that in mind. I 'played' with it, trying different bras and different strap positions, which I think it's very important to say it will work fabulously with one bra, but maybe not ever work comfortably with another. The one it works best on is a Champion underwire no poke (which I've just discovered they've discontinued!) and so far, I'm loving it.

I'm 5'5 and 120 pounds and I wear a 32 C. For me, I find having the majority of the holster up in my bra works best, and so far I haven't had any discomfort, though I will say that my breasts do rest on the gun, after a fashion. That said, on me, the gun never points at my heart, and should it go off (I'm not even carrying with one in the chamber right now, as I'm still acclimating myself to the holster) the only damage I might receive is a contact burn from the gun barrel as it discharged. Even under just a t-shirt there is no printing, though if the shirt is very close-fitting a print will show up if you twist and turn, or cross your arms.

I wouldn't use this holster under a lot of layers, but depending on the outfit and weather, I do think I'm going to like it.

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