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"Why Jews Hate Guns"

By Rabbi Bendory of
JPFO & Alan Korwin of GunLaws.com
   Many parts of this article are hard to swallow, but it is a very interesting piece. On the whole I believe the authors target all anti-gun followers, not just Jews. Speaking as a member of America's Southeastern Jewish community, I believe that the article has forgotten about us altogether. Therefore, by leaving out this entire corner of the US, I contend that this article isn't really about American Jews at all.
   Also, I would not call the writers or the text "anti-semetic", but I would caution readers. The authors are obviously very angry with the anti-gun contingent, but some may read their work and focus that anger toward Jews in general. I ask that you fight this impulse because there are more "Shomrim" out there then you realize, and we are not all as quite as these authors believe.

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