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Conceal Carry Look Book

By Gabby

Men keep surprising me. This time they have taken an innocent and helpful blog post by my friend Packing Pretty, and gotten all worked up over it. The article is her version of a fashion "look book" but with specific items that may aid a woman in concealed carry.  Some felt the article insulted a woman's intelligence, others felt that focusing on fashion was distracting from the more serious topic of concealed carry.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all these chivalrous gentlemen for protecting us ladies from this nonexistent threat.  At ease, fellas.  We are just working out how to make ourselves comfortable in the awesome world of Firearms.

Look at it from this perspectives:
I'm a girl learning to conceal carry but I have had a longer relationship with my fashion sense than with my gun. On any given day, I'll get dressed, makeup and all, then try to strap on my gun. I usually end up sweating off all my makeup and changing my clothes more than once. (AND I end up a half hour late to wherever I was headed.) Some of the time I get everything worked out and head on my way.  Sometimes, I get frustrated with my clothes.  However, in more cases I get frustrated with my gun.  The inevitable conclusion: If I'm really happy with an outfit and my gun doesn't fit, the gun may end up staying at home.  I realize it's not the choice you would make, but it's the honest truth of the situation.  I need to be able to be my fashionable self and still conceal carry.  What Packing Pretty is offering, is a possible solution to my dilemma. There is nothing about that that deserves criticism.

As I've said, woman are equal to men, but we are very different.

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Photo Studio said...

OK... guys... nobody's gonna check your man-card... I've got a couple of decades of instructing under my belt as a former LEO and an NRA certified and 4H certified instructor... and I've been conducting Ohio CCW courses for over eight years now...

I've taught gals of all ages and backgrounds... and early on I realized I needed to seek out the assistance of my wife, another gal who is an NRA instructor, and a fellow LEO I worked with who's spent a lot of her time in plain clothes... 'cause gals have different needs and concerns for various body types and fashion styles...

And as much as I've seen men grooming themselves for the latest tough guy look and selecting the perfect piece of 5.11 clothing or other cover garments for the right GQ packin' look or tactical mall ninja wanna be style...

Gracie and the many other gals that have come into play... especially the last couple of years... are offering views, perspectives, and contributions that most neanderthals who are swingin' their brains between there legs could ever do... and the gals are adding to our numbers of fellow Americans who are exercising and protecting our second amendment rights...

Dann in Ohio
God, Gals, Guns, Grub
Learning a little more every day.

Marie said...

I agree, as a carrying woman, I still need ideas and input from others as how to pull it off sometimes! Especially in the South when it is 100 plus degrees! Appreciate your blog.

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