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My Friend, The Liberal

By Gabby

You know I don't get political, but ... Gabby and Friend

I have this one super liberal friend; I mean, she's a total lefty. But yesterday she sat and listened for ten minutes as I explained the joy of shooting full-auto and trying it with suppression for the first time. I explained to her how two parts of such a device are "Class III", therefore requiring two tax stamps, which is also part of their astronomical expense. This clarified why they are so rare and even more exciting to experience. She would almost never be willing to visit the range with me and seeing my gun in my home for the first time, actually gave her a mini panic attack. However, she listened, asked questions, and got excited for me in-spite of herself.  

We could use a few more people like this in the world! Most of use don't hold opinions that fall smack in the middle of any issue and even if we did, there would be plenty of people to argue against that view as well. However, by listening to each other, tolerating a differing perspective, and being a good friend, even when literally terrified, we might just see a smidgen of progress rather than stagnation and anger.

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