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Save My Belt!!!

By Gabby

Inner & Outer layers of a Duty Belt
inner & outer duty belt
Working at the gun range, even just 3 days a week, has taken it's toll on my favorite black leather belt. It wasn't made for open carry of an all steel full size weapon. So I decided to see what was out there. I discovered that a "Duty Belt" is a two part system, an inner belt (usually somewhat soft, nylon) that one wears similar to a regular belt, and a heavy outer belt that attaches to the inner with velcro but carries all the gear slightly away from the body. Of corse this was not the belt for me, but a heavy duty nylon belt seemed like a great idea.
My New Belt in Action
Uncle Mike's Instructor Belt
That's when I found this: Uncle Mikes Law Enforcement Reinforced Instructor's Belt.   It's described as "unisex" which is a term about which I tend to be wary, but at 1.25" it is jut a bit thicker than the women's leather belt that I love. It looks like a simple nylon belt but has a reinforcing layer sewn in so that it can handle the weight of my firearm in its holster. The closure system is an ample design, with an under/over/under steel buckle and then Velcro to hold the tail close to the body. This assures me that the belt won't loosen through the course of the day. So, What do you think?
Now for the flip side: Prepare for a small breaking-in period as the belt is stiff at first. Upon recieving the belt, the steel buckle seemed a bit large but once I strapped it on, I found the scale to be just right. I might not recommend it to the more petite ladies. There are belts available with somewhat less bulky buckle options, but for the price this belt was my choice of style, function and affordability.
Here is one tip: Holsters will usually identify what size belt their clips can accommodate. Be sure to pay attention to this info as well as the size of the belt you are considering. Most women's belts are too small to fill the clips on a normal holster which may lead to some movement or even flopping around. If the belt is too big, the holster probably won't work.
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fourinthewoods said...

Looks good. Looks like leather in the pic. Let us know how it is working in a couple of months.

Riana said...

I found the 5.11 Instructor belt to work quite well for me.  It may not be fashionable (the least of my concerns) but it's comfortable, holds my holster well, and fits me every day of the month.  ;)

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