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A TSA Rant

By Gabby

The TSA is a complete waste of money and is doing nothing to keep us safe.  As I meantioned in my post, "Flights with Firearms, A Finale," I do, and have done a decent amount of traveling, specifically, on commercial airines. So today's experience has me exceptionally concerned. 

Ok, maybe I need to go back and start from the begining...

I am on a Sunday morning flight out of Atlanta and there is a lot of people on the security checkpoint line.

To speed the screening process I have a system that I use every time I prepare to fly. I keep my liquids & gels bag in my carry-on and right on top so that I can pull it out easily. My keys, phone, iPad and such, are all in a purse that fits inside a larger carry on so that they are findable and don't need to be removed from pockets. I no longer travel with a laptop, but when I did, it received the same treatment as my liquids. I wear a button down shirt with a tank top underneath so I can adjust for indoor temperature fluctuations. Then I pack a sweatshirt in my carry-on, but never put it on until I'm through security. I wear shoes that can be slipped off and on quickly but almost always wear socks (walking on a public floor bear foot gives me the creeps). I have a plastic and nylon 5.11 belt, that can stay on.  If I pull my hear back, I use a metal-less elastic band.  I realize that this isn't a realistic technique for everyone, but at least I'm not the one holding up the line...until today

ankle brace similar to mineI am currently wearing an ankle brace. (Don't worry, it's just a sprain. I should be fine in a few weeks.) The brace is made of plastic, Velcro and vinyl, and cushions my leg with four pillows. The upper two pillows are air filled but the lower ones are filled with some kind of gel.  I forgot this when putting my bag on the belt, but separated my shampoo and such, like a good little lamb. I was sent though the new scanning machine that revolves and checks that all our organs are in the proper places and was then pointed to some extra screening.  Before being subjected to excessive gamma rays I had pulled up my pant leg in order to keep the TSA from pouncing on me so without a word the agent reached down and swabbed the hard plastic of the brace. She asked if the whole thing was filled with only air and I explained the device just as I did above. She placed the swab in the machine and then took another and asked me to put out my hands.  Again I did as instructed, and watched, dumbfounded, as this uniformed woman swabbed my palms and waited for the machine to respond.  I passed, breathed deeply, and went on about my travels.

I realize the TSA doesn't know who I am, where I'm coming from or where I'm headed; But this experience has made me wonder, what in the world, are we paying them to do?

I know my clothes, hair and face are clean because I just washed them, but as for everything else on me, I can't make any promises. I don't know what the gel in my brace is made of, or if it's more than 3oz. I can tell you that this ankle brace and these sneakers have been worn while sweeping gunpowder residue, spent casings and the occasional live round, from at least 25 yards of indoor range space.  My hands, while clean, we're handling my firearm and loaded magazines, 30 minutes prior, while locking them away. If my hands and ankles don't concern the TSA, then I've got to wonder; Why, the heck, not?

I don't want to be strip searched or thrown on a no-fly list, but is the TSA actually protecting us if their just reacting to incidents after they happen or making stuff up as they go?

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Von said...

Sure -they make it up as they go along! Why I haven't flown since 1998!

Brian said...

The TSA is a colossal waste of time and money, and they have made NO ONE safer.

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