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Review: Maxpedition Jumbo VersaPack

By Gabby

Maxpedition Jumbo VersipakThese days, for the most part, I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. Some days I'll add sneakers and a hoody and head from Walmart to my favorite hiking trail; Other days it could be a tailored jacket, fabulous high heels and a walk down Madison Avenue. I'm not ashamed to admit that for each of these occasions, a change in handbag is required. For the days when this fashionista is feeling a little more rugged than polished, I have found a great option:
Meet Maxpedition!

I'd never heard of this brand until I began working at a gun range. I thought I had checked out every gear manufacturer available at Rei. (Don't get me wrong, I'm no hard-core mountain climber, but I've always been drawn to high-tech, well-designed, hiking/camping gear; Even while growing up as the ultimate City Girl.) However, Maxpedition's products aren't just tough enough for a weekend camping trip, they are ready for deployment.

Ok, I know what you're thinking, "Gabby, I didn't just enlist! I'm just a gun loving girl who wants to run to the market and walk the dog, while carrying my wallet, sunglasses, keys, phone, music device, nail polish, camera, lip gloss, mirror, lint brush, lotion, hair brush, mascara, hand sanitizing gel, eco-friendly spare shopping bag, flashlight, daily planner & calendar, lipstick, water bottle, extra panty-hose, pocket knife, mini sewing kit, gum, coffee and scarf, for when I feel a chill." (Sometimes I'm amazed that I can ever get out of the house!)

The Berkin Bag by Hermes"Oh and Gabby, while you're at it: can it be light enough that I an wear it all day without ending up in a chiropractor's office? And Lastly, I want this thing to be so organized that I can reach in, without looking, and find exactly what I need."

Well my darlings, Hermes has been working on this for years, and we can all admire the "Berkin Bag" from afar, but as far as I know, the italian designer is yet to put a holster in there line.

Maxpedition Jumbo Versapack Maxpedition Jumbo Versipak has many pocketsI have said before that purse carry is not my favorite option, but I have come to realize that sometimes, it's the only option. If you're a slave to fashion or even if you're not, as a gun-girl, you've probably realized that one method of concealed carry will work with a few outfits but probably wont work with all of them. What about that night, when it's been a long day, you're almost in bed and the dog wants to go out one more time? No way you're throwing on jeans and a belt! This is the moment you'll be glad you got a Maxpedition Jumbo Versipak.

Separate pockets for your phone, keys, water bottle and the rest, are just the start. This bag will lay correctly on your body and with the waist strap buckled, it's not going anywhere. hoster pocketpadded on body sidePadding in the back makes it especially comfortable on a long hike and the padding on the shoulder strap can be placed exactly where its needed. The padding on the back of the bag isn't just a nice bonus, it's strategically placed for when the holster feature, built into the bag, is used. Hook and loop material is built into the back wall so that any gun, in any position can be mounted inside the rear zipper.

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipak colorsTrue, there's gear and even conceal carry purses, who have been using many of these concepts and materials for years. But who has been making them in so many colors?

Please Note: Whatever method of women's concealed carry you chose, training should be considered a vital part of the equation. Drawing technique should not be overlooked when planning your personal defense strategy. If you use multiple holster styles, be sure to train with each. We would hate for your last thought to be, "I can't remember where I strapped my gun today."

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Raymond Jay said...

I have carried the Jumbo for 2 years and it still looks like its new.

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