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Price & Gun Quality

By Gabby

Price & Gun QualityI can often be heard saying to new gun shoppers, "put aside about $500 for this purchase. You may spend a little more or a little less, but this is not a place you want to skimp." Well, here's a post by Caleb, at GunNuts Media, where he discusses some options on the very low end of the spectrum. Caleb's post is actually an extension of an article by Tim, another writer over at GunNuts. Tim did extensive testing of the Hi-Point pistol, which can be read here. These two guys know there stuff, so I'm going to leave you in their capable hands for a moment.

Aside from reading these thoughts on the inexpensive Hi-Point pistols, I'd like you to remember a few things:

  • A firearm is a small device that does a lot of work. Among its jobs, it must keep contained and direct, a small explosion. I don't know about you, but my hands are some of my prized possessions. If they have to be near any explosions, I'm willing to spend a bit more to know that solid construction sits in-between.

  • Whatever you spend on a pistol, I beg that you spend more on practice ammo. I can't say it enough; Training is what will keep you safe.

  • A new gun needs to be broken-in. Put a couple hundred rounds through a gun before you judge it.
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    Caleb Giddings said...

    Hey Gabby, thanks for the link! One correction, the series of Hi Point articles was written by one of my excellent writers, Tim. Want to make sure credit is given where due.

    Thomas Hobbs said...

    Hi Gabby - I have to agree with you, despite what I've read, and what my dad (who recently bought a very inexpensive Hi-Point 9mm) has to say. As much as he loves his new pistol, I don't have the heart to tell him I think he wasted cash. The fit and finish on the pistol are lackluster at best; there's still flashing left behind on several of the components including the frame and slide, and the handling feels...well...cheap. I'm not going to disparage it for anyone else, but for me personally, I'll stick with my middle-of-the-road-priced Taurus 1911, or my Springfield Armory MilSpec 1911, or even the ATI ported 1911 I've been wanting to add to the collection - all of which are under $720 out the door with tax included. It's got to be about what you're comfortable paying and what you're comfortable shooting. I think folks who read gun blogs and youtube vids need to keep in mind - it's almost all opinion when it comes to your firearms.

    Keep up the good work on the blog!

    Gabby said...

    Good catch Caleb, I will address this immediately!

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