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Slide Rack Simplified, Review: Slide Pull

By Gabby

Slide Pull by Brass StackerI often hear that the best option for a woman with weak hands or without full hand and finger dexterity, is a revolver. I have never fully agreed with this line of thought. I believe there must be a better option, since revolvers only offer limited capacity and are generally chambered for rounds that create extensive recoil.

Slide PullIn many cases, the decision to rule out a semi-automatic handgun for these woman, is the avoidance of the "slide-rack". There are a few devices on the market for racking one's slide with a finger or two rather than the typical technique but today I am writing about the Slide Pull from Brass Stacker. The Slide Pull ranks high with me because it is ambidextrous and requires no disassembly of the gun in order to attach it.

The Slide Pull slides down over the rear grooves of your guns slide and secures with the twist of a set screw. Installation is so easy because Brass Stacker takes advantage of the design that the firearm manufacturer has established. This means that you won't have to change out back plates or start welding, but it does limit the compatible options. Currently, the Slide Pull is made for XD or Glock brands.

Though I feel this product deserves a positive review I do want to leave you with a somewhat contradictory final thought. After my tester and I had tried the pull a bit, we noticed that one could carelessly put there finger too far through the ring which might lead to issues releasing the slide quickly. In my photos to the left, I believe I have pushed the limit of how far one should put their finger through the ring. I imagine that using the tip of ones finger, similar to a trigger pull, would be sufficient to rack the slide. I would have liked to re-shoot the photos to demonstrate proper use for you, but the other tester loved the product so much she was unwilling to give it up.


Ron said...

Seems like a great little accessory tool. Is the Slide Pull affixed to the handgun such that it is there while firing? Does the Slide Pull impact the operation of the handgun, or accuracy?

chris said...

While this does seem like an interesting product, it solves the "problem" of weak hands/fingers for only one firearm. I would suggest purchasing a hand strengthener for the wrist and fingers so that anyone with this issue can learn to rack any gun.

Unknown said...

The pull stays attached, and it doesn't affect operation or accuracy. It's very light milled aluminum.

Roger Holmack said...

This usually works when I show women how to it: right hand on handle, finger off trigger, left thumb on right side of slide, roll fingers and grip slide between thumb and rolled fingers, pull slide back with left hand while pushing forward with right hand. A little practice and this seems to work well. I even use it for some guns I've shot.

jay said...

Hello will this work on s& w sd9 ve

Mandy_Monstar said...

It says only Glocks and XDs. So, no it will not.

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