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Atlanta Adventure

By Gabby

gun-girls take Atlanta
Gun-girls can be pretty serious about firepower, but when they're not on the range, they have fun just like every girl. So, when I heard that my friend Natalie of Girls Guide to Guns, would be passing through my little southern town, I started a list in my mind, of the best parts of Atlanta that I might show her.

As you may have read, we met and became friends through the Girls Gun Getaway weekend this past June. Of corse we would enjoy going to the range, but we've already spent plenty of trigger time together. Sometimes, girls just need to hang out and be girls... without wearing hearing protection!

Being an LA girl, I'm sure Natalie is accustom to picking up lunch from the trucks, so maybe I should show her how we do food trucks in the A-T-L. Then again, the iconic Varsity is an experience in fast-food, done with a touch of southern hospitality. However, a foodie, like myself, can think of at least ten places that offer stellar fried chicken. Decisions, decisions...

If we decide to wander and do a little window shopping we could head indoors and enjoy a luxurious experience at Phipps Plaza. However, I'm a born New Yorker, and the idea of sight-seeing in a mall makes a bit queasy. Perhaps, we will head for the Virginia Highlands or Downtown Decatur, instead. I can think of a few enclaves of shops that would be fun to wander through, while spending some quality-time.

Atlanta's typical attractions are sort of quirky and unique and though I wouldn't put them first on my list of ideas, I'll keep them in my back pocket as options. These might include, The Georgia Aquarium (largest in the world), the Martin Luther King Jr memorial site, The World of Coke, or Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum.

We'd appreciate any suggestions...


RabbiVJ said...

The porter the brickstore the vortex the fred... Would be good places to start... :-)

Dan Kushner said...

The Vortex is good, the Porter, the Wrecking Bar, Cypress Street, The Fred would be good.

Dan Kushner said...

dont forget SSGC too :-P

ArmedCandy said...

I would never forget SSGC! Fortunately, she's already been!

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