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Gifts for Gun Girls

By Gabby

give a safety kit to a new gun girl this holiday season

Less expensive than a firearm, but just as vital to her range bag, safety equipment is often the first items in which a new shooter will invest.

1. Electronic earmuffs do the best job at keeping hearing protected and a folding pair will save space. 2. If range noise is still a problem, double up with some disposable foam plugs. 3. Training is key to good gun handling and dummy round are a handy tool for multiple kinds of drills, both on and off the range. 4. Safety glasses are a necessary evil but they don't have to be ugly as sin. Glasses with interchangeable lenses are great for shooters who deal with many different lighting conditions. Plus, any fashionista or gun girl will appreciate having a range of color choices. 5. Outdoor shooting, in cold weather, requires gloves that won't interfere with grip and trigger control, but they are also nice protection for a woman's delicate skin. Thinner shooting gloves when worn regularly, offer the bonus of keeping nails and hands clean and reducing contact with lead.

Uplula Speedloader

Here's another great gift for your gun girl's range bag. 
The Uplula Speedloader by Maglula
It'll save her thumbs and her manicure!
If you've never seen one in action, check it out.

22 Speedloader for gun girls

3 gun vase for gun girl

This beautiful vase
has already found a place in my home.
Hurry up and get one before they sell out again!

home decor gets trigger happy, gifts for gun girls
These are also available on Fab.


ArmedCandy said...

Best gift money can't buy:
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