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Disappointed by Pro-Gun Representative

By Gabby

Frankly, I'm a little disappointed in Gayle Trotter's ability to articulate why the AR-15 should continue to be an option for home defense. The look of the gun is only an issue for those who know nothing else about the functions of the gun. Can we please stick to the real issues?!

2 tools to get the job doneNot every woman can handle a 12ga shot gun, or rack the slide of a pistol. Some women like a stand mixer, some like a hand powered mixer. I believe that which ever she enjoys using will help make her a better cook. Right?

I'm all for women practicing they're chosen method of defense and I'm all for women having lots of options from which to chose. But the look of the gun, or the idea that the gun "looks scary" is so not the point! In fact, I feel it's counter to the point!

In my experience, a woman doesn't reach for the scary looking gun, because it's scary looking. She grabs it because she feels threatened and wants to defend herself in the best way she can. I know a girl who prefers to defend themselves with a pink gun and I doubt the less scary look of her gun, will matter, when the threat is neutralized.
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