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By Gabby

January ContestEver since the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, we, in the gun world, have been living under a microscope. Yes, it's inconvenient and misdirected. None of my readers are criminals (I assume). We shouldn't have to apologize for the evil acts of one individual! However, when I take a step back and look at whole story of Adam Lanza, the shooter... and his mother, Nancy Lanza, I fear that my previous statements, may not be entirely true.

Read top contest entries below
Nancy Lanza could have easily been an ArmedCandy reader. She could have been someone in the lane next to you at the range. Would any of us have questioned her putting a firearm in the hands of her mentally unstable son?

It was this question that sparked the idea for our January contest. We asked:

In relation to firearms ownership, what is your New Years resolution? 

How will you be a better, safer gun handler? What safety techniques will you use?

How will you teach others?
My hope was that I would receive comments that would show me, and everyone reading, that while Nancy Lanza was a legal gun owner, she was an irresponsible one, and nothing like those in the ArmedCandy community.

You're answers surpassed my expectations! Here are just a few of all the wonderful entries, in no particular order:
I have committed to taking the time to help any first time gun buyer by taking them shooting, teaching them how to handle a gun safely, and helping them find and buy their first gun, ammo, mags, and parts. I've already helped 2 people this month. Personally I will also spend as much time at the range as I can, making sure I am as proficient as I can be. -Kevin D
I have a little boy getting ready to turn two in February. We have had many instances where we are packing up our guns to leave out to the lease and he is like a mini magnet to them. I want to work with him this year on his gun fetishes. I want him to Learn that they are indeed dangerous and I want him to stay away from them. We do not give our two kids play guns of any sort due to the fact of their age and the possible thought process of hey the real guns are water guns. Our five year old does not touch nor go near any guns with out one of us around. Now it's time to start schooling our son Drake. -Britni D
I will continue to raise my kids in the way of safe handling. My oldest is one of the safest weapons handlers I know. She is aware of her surroundings and where everyone is during a range session. At only 14, she receives complements about her technique with both rifle and handgun as well as from local gun shops about how and where she places fingers during the touch and feel stage of finding a new weapon. I only hope I can learn from her and swallow my pride with my mistakes. A little bitter sweet you might say. -Michael B
There were so many wonderful responses, but when forced to chose, this one had it all:
We bought a gun safe to be sure that no one but my husband and I have access to our guns. I am taking 2 more pistol classes in February and I am thinking of taking the NRA Instructor Pistol shooting course and also looking to teach/help with a class on pistols at our local Boy Scout Camp. -Mary H
Not only is Mary teaching in order to create children who are safe gun handlers, but she is also building on her own knowledge through NRA courses. She is going even further by installing a gun safe in her home. This makes much harder for her firearms to be stolen and used against others.

Thank you to everyone who entered!
Feel free to continue to share your plans for firearms related self improvement in the ArmedCandy online community. The more people we educate the safer we will be.
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