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Concealable 9mm Pistols III

By Gabby

Beretta Nano with White Frame Leave it to the Italians to bring us a pistol whose color we can change, as often as we change our shoes! At $50 per frame, a fashionista could collect all her favorite flavors and be stylish AND tactical. In the summer, her gauzy peasant top and white cropped skinny jeans, won't have trouble hiding a white framed gun.

Want more?!?! Beretta has worked with Crimson Trace and Laser Max to offer no-brainer accessories that fit without any guess work. They are also partnering to bring us holsters too.

Beretta Nano or Candy Shop?I realize that the Nano has been out for a while, and though I shot it a bit during the summer of 2012, I was yet to write about it because it was far from my favorite concealable 9mm. My issues:
1. the grip was too short for my hands
2. it has no slide lock/release (other than inserting or removing the magazine)
3. I could never pull the trigger smoothly (it'd always come back with a big fat crunch)
4. take down was complicated and required a special tool

Well, my number one concern has now been addressed! The Nano will now ship with a pinky extension on one of the two included magazines. They say: Practice with the extension, Carry without.

Part IV is coming soon!

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Abby Coffey said...

I have a Nano and I carry with the 8 round mag which gives it a longer grip. Also, I don't know what gun you had, but the gun is the easiest one I have ever cleaned. What special tool did you think you needed? It takes 10 seconds, maximum, to takedown. It has no safety, but the long trigger pull is it's own safety. I love this gun, smooth and accurate.

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