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Gun Control FAQ Part II

By Gabby

Gun Control FAQsPreviously, we covered questions like, "Why are you against gun-control?" and, "Who really need an automatic weapon?"
Here are a few more of the frequently asked questions I hear from non-gun people, and the responses I chose to give:
Do you really need "scary looking" rifles?The look of the gun is completely irrelevant! I believe any gun is scary, if it's pointed at me. Each weapon system is built for a different purpose, so I'd like to be able to have the correct tool for a particular job. For example, I live in tight quarters, a shotgun with a long barrel would be more of a hindrance than a tool for my safety.

What's the big deal with universal background checks?Yes, there are some loopholes in the system and those may need to be closed. But please remember, as long as there is a black market for stolen cars, electronics and anything else you can think of, criminals will be able to get guns without going through a background check.

Isn't arming teachers a crazy idea?Actually, I don't think so. Anyone who trains properly and learns to conceal carry, could be a great first line of defense for situations like the Sandy Hook school shootings.

If you haven't read the first round of FAQs, check them out here.
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