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Gun Control's FAQ

By Gabby

Do you ever feel as though you are repeating yourself, A LOT. Lately, I feel like I am having the same conversation every time I open my mouth. Many of these conversations are happening with those who know very little about guns and really want answers to their questions, without an argument.

I do my best to answer them, without sounding like a broken record, because I believe that if these people are enlightened, they may associate guns with sane, open-minded Americans, and not criminals and crazies.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions I hear, and the responses I chose to give:
Fewer Guns
Fewer Gun Crimes
Agreed, so lets get guns out of the hands of criminals!
Responsible gun owners are just as interested in stopping violent crime.

Why is it so easy
to get a gun?
Every state has a different system for gun sales. Some states do make it easy and some do have loop holes, but it's hard to generalize the purchase process as "easy" if you live in California, Illinois or New York.
This is America. If you want to buy anything, you can probably find someone who will take cash for it. Will the transaction be safe, legal... regulated? You never know, just look at Craigslist.

What about the ability to rapid fire or limited capacity magazines?Fully Automatic weapons, those that when the trigger is held back, will continue to fire, are not as readily available as you might think. It's very rare that a civilian gets ahold of one of these and goes on a killing spree. As for magazines that hold more than a certain number of rounds: These are already out in the market. You can stop selling them but they will still be around for a long time. If they are illegal for us to have, we will follow the laws, but criminals will still have them. So if you want to get rid of high capacity magazines, please, take them from the criminals first.

More tough questions addressed, in Gun Control's FAQ Part II...
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Jason Van Haaften said...

If it was so easy to talk to everyone like that. Try telling any of this to Piers Moron, er Morgan. He would tell u that Britain is less violent because they have no guns. Wrong. They are more violent. Theyre just using other weapons. AND Home Invasions have gone up ten fold. They now that the home owner can't fight back. Oh, that'd the same reason why Obama wants our guns too. He doesnt want us to be able to fight back when he tries to become supreme ruler or Dictactor, if you will; when he demands all of out guns. And then has the Armed Forces get them from us.

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