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Wrong about .380 ?

Conflicting Opinions in ArmedCandy-Land ArmedCandy has no intention of sounding like any kind of expert. We like to tell you about what has worked for us and let you decide for yourself. Sometimes we hear opinions with which we personally, disagree, but as long as it's safe, we feel, the more the merrier! A loyal fan disagreed with an opinion I shared last week, and he's written a rebuttal piece. I'm so grateful for this input, I've decided to post it. Maybe, if we offer him lots of encouragement, he'll write some more, and even, join the ArmedCandy team!

By Anony

In a recent post, ArmedCandy dismisses the .380 cartridge as an unviable self-defense round based on three criteria: It’s lack of stopping power, the smaller-framed .380 pistols being recoil-heavy and inadequate sights, and the round being less available and more costly than the omnipresent 9mm Luger.

Bond, James Bond First of all, James Bonds’ gun of choice, the Walther PPK, is chambered in .380 Auto. If that isn’t enough to convince you, I have outlined below, why the .380 deserves your consideration.

I cannot claim that the rimless .380 cartridge will perform as well as its longer 9mm counterpart. However, at less than 10 feet, (the distance that most self-defense situations would occur) (i.e. assault, mugging, etc.) a few well-placed .380 caliber projectiles, traveling at around 1,000 feet per second, will likely drop the average assailant.

Most major ammunition manufacturers currently produce high-quality self-defense rounds in .380 ACP, so if there is a brand of ammo to which you are partial, chances are you can have it in .380. Further, there are many brands making a +P .380 round, for those with a gun rated for +P loads.

I would have to agree with ArmedCandy’s second claim that the small-framed .380 pistols are recoil-heavy and often lack adequate sight acquisition. However, at distances of less than 10 feet, one’s goal isn’t to carefully line up sights and take a precision shot, but rather to get off a few quick shots at center mass.

Additionally, the small-framed pistols are especially suited to those in need of deep concealment or smaller female (and male) shooters that cannot comfortably or discreetly carry a larger-framed 9mm pistol.

Lastly, regarding the third claim that that the .380 cartridge being less available and more expensive than the 9mm – well – there isn’t much I can say to contest that. It is up to each of us, whether or not the round is worth the few-cent premium.

In conclusion, although the .380 cartridge isn’t as cheap or prevalent as the 9mm Luger, nor are the small .380 guns fun or comfortable to shoot, it is a cartridge that has sufficient power to stop most attackers, and comes in a small package that can be concealed on nearly any shooter, large or small.
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old but not stupid said...

James Bond??? Get real. Guess 380 is better than a rock but only slightly!!!!
Hogwash. Do a little research. Check out docgrr

old but not stupid said...

Sorry that was docgkr. http://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?4336-BUG-s-380-ACP-vs-38-Sp

Kalaryn said...

I love my .380, Sig Sauer P238. I had a chance to shoot a Ruger .380 this weekend that belongs to a friend and I can't say I liked it too much. The sites were almost non existent, the recoil was awful due to it's light weight and largely plastic materials. Trying it out in my thigh holster though, I did like the weight of it a lot better but I still prefer my heavier Sig over it because it's a smoother shooting gun. I'm a petite girl and there is no way I could go any bigger than a .380, I have a hard time even hiding it. lol.

Double-O Nonymous said...

Until "Skyfall" (2012), James Bond's PPK was chambered in .32 ACP (7.65mm), not .380 ACP.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_James_Bond_firearms

and this video clip from "Dr. No" (1962)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU98uP7pXA8 ( 2 1/2 minutes long )

and this short BBC documentary video about the guns of James Bond

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuO34MDezzU ( 5 minutes long )

Jamie Lindstrom said...

I have the same 9mm as you. It's still new to me and was glad to read your review of it. I felt even better about it. I can't find 9mm ammo here unless I want $45 hollow points which obviously are no good for the range. But I do have a walthers pk 380 and love it. I don't like the smallers 380's though but it is almost the same size as my 9mm and I actually am able to find ammo for it right now. I tried the new Springfield Armory XDs .45 and realized I'm not quite ready for that yet. I like reading your reviews and am a small framed woman so it is harder to conceal a lot of the guns but refuse to buy a small 380 or the nano guns, they are just too small for me in my opinion.

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