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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

• Found it helpful to mess around on this AR builder site, to get a sense of costs and tiers of quality within companies.
• Still waiting on an upper receiver before they anodize, so I guess I'll look at what tools I might need:
• I believe a magazine well vise block is the bare minimum I will need & they're not especially expensive. I found one that included a trigger block so I will be able to test the trigger (once installed) without damaging the lower... Sounds good to me!
• Also got an inexpensive mallet with two heads, nylon and black rubber. I already have a brass hammer, so that should cover me.
• There are so many other tools out there, roll pin punches, AR tools, upper vise blocks...what do I really need?
• Now we are being held up by the hand guard that is still on order, so they are going to go ahead and anodize the receivers and send then out to my FFL. This way I can start working on my lower.
• Starting to consider a barrel. If I can find a 14.5" barrel and have a 1.5" flash hider pinned to the muzzle by a gunsmith, it will be legal length (not considered a short barrel rifle) but won't have any extra length.
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