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Comments on My Secret

By Gabby

ArmedCandys Founder Gabby Marcuus is not a member of the NRAI must thank you all for your respectful comments to my last post: I Need to Share a Secret I’m thrilled that we can have an open discussion like this.  In today’s post, I thought I'd address some of your input.

Firstly, to those of you who asked for my reasons for not joining the NRA. I am far from shy, when it comes to policy issues on which I feel strongly, but to spell out these beliefs here, I fear, would derail this conversation. Therefore, please forgive this somewhat vague response to your request.

In the past, I have seen the NRA focus on backing one political candidate or another, rather than strictly sticking to defense of the second amendment. Often, the non-gun policies of these candidates, conflict with my views. When I contemplate support of the NRA, especially around election time, it feels as though becoming a member would be very similar to casting a vote.

Further, I have heard some of NRA representatives actually back political policies that have nothing to do with firearms and to which I do not subscribe. Again, I feel conflicted, as though my membership would be support the second amendment, but would also be understood as my agreement with other policies.

Second, in congressional hearings and other statements, I have been less than impressed with the arguments put forth by NRA representatives. As I read or listen, I’m often thinking, No, that’s not why I.... So while usually I agree with their topic sentence, I have a completely different set of supporting arguments.

To those who felt that I should not have shared, I must say:
I never used the term "anti-NRA," when referring to my philosophy, and I don't think I ever would. I appreciate their defense of the Second Amendment but chose to put my support behind other organizations. I don't believe the statements in my previous post should dissuade others from supporting the NRA, but for those who have opinions that align with my own, I hope they can recognize that they have a place in the gun world as well.

To the quiet few who were surprised to find this kinship:
This country was founded on the right of the people to question our leaders. Do not feel that being a minority means you are not entitled to a voice. If you’re thinking something, chances are, someone else is thinking it too.
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Randall American said...

Hi, I have never commented here before. This topic is one I feel strongly about. I have been shooting since age seven and have never joined the NRA. I feel their track record of not defending our 2nd Amendments justifies this stance. As you say, backing antigun candidates because they promise to do better does not, and has not, worked for us. Accepting any gun restrictions is unconstitutional and the so called representatives have all sworn to support and defend the constitution. As I did when I was a serviceman. I am now a civilian, but will always be a citizen. Thanks for your site and the cogent and realistic information you present. Randall

ArmedCandy said...

Thank you for commenting! More people need to bravely speak their minds and you are helping to make that happen.

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