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22TCM is Out!

By Gabby

The 22TCM seems to be dribbling on to the market. A few online stores have the ammo, but at the moment, I think the price is a little high (what else is new?) The beauty of the 1911 Rock Island Armory has created for the 22TCM, is that it can also shoot a 9mm round.

Want even better news? The gun comes with the conversion kit! Change out the barrel, spring and magazine, and you can go back and forth as much as you like. If you reload, pick up the dies to make 22TCM rounds at home. They are just necked down 9mm rounds.

If you want to know more about RIA's 22TCM, read our review from SHOTShow.
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Jon Zaring said...

I want one of these! The are almost impossible to find, and no one around here is willing to take orders.

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