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Advice: TSA

Fly a lot? Shoot a lot?
There's no telling what could be floating in the bottom of my purse sometimes, just like there's no telling which TSA agent I will meet in any given city, and what kind of power-trip they might be on...
I've found that some cities are more strict than others and every TSA agent has a different set of rules that they will uphold depending on what side of the bed they woke up.
So here is my solution, I now travel with a self addressed stamped, padded, envelope. I gave it a little extra postage, just in case. This will save time if the TSA finds something in my bags they want to confiscate.
Good luck!
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Wcoyote said...

That is a great idea and way less expensive then what I did. I purchased a second good quality bag to use for personal/business travel and one completely separate for gun stuff.

The prompt for this purchase was exactly what you said. I had 2 fully loaded p3at mags (no pistol) make their way to the very bottom of my bag and then took that bag on a business trip. Luckily for me the TSA folks were understanding but I still took almost about to do the paperwork and I lost the mags,

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