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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

Anodized receivers by Tactical Pretty• Photos of my anodized upper and lower were just sent from Tactical Pretty and, surprise, the lower has a built in trigger guard. Guess I won't need the "deluxe" trigger guard in my lower parts kit, after all.

• Also noticed that there is no place to attach a port door and no brass deflector or forward assist. I did some research and found that this is called a "slick sided" upper. It looks really cool and definitely would not be considered "military style" but not having a port door gives me pause, will dirt get in there and cause trouble? Without a deflector will I take too much brass to the face?

Serrations on a bolt carrier group• I was informed that some of the lighter Bolt Carrier Groups are made without serrations which would render the forward assist button useless. I'll have to make sure to keep that in mind based on he upper I select.

A3 upper• The nice thing about working with Tactical Pretty and the anodizing process, is that they are willing to make adjustments on the fly and with anodizing there is minimal waste if we need to make an adjustment... Like, my decision to go with an A3 upper instead of the "slick sided" upper from the first photo. Yep! I made the decision!!!
• My reason for going with the more "military style" upper? The deflector. If I have a newbie shooting this gun, I'm going to want them to be as comfortable as possible. (And I think I'll prefer that as well.)

• Just discovered that a floating hand guard is better for accuracy, Accidental Score!

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