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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

Just ordered a bolt carrier group! While most web sites are listing products as "sold out" or "back ordered," I found one, who listed a Nickel Boron complete Bolt Carrier Group, at a reasonable price (and it didn't have any of those words next to it.
I was told Nickel Boron is one of the few finishes I wanted. Either that, or ceramic, but ceramic tends to get really pricey. Nickel Boron is good at resisting salt and other nasties so while it may be over kill for my sporting use, I believe I have chosen quality. I could chose between a silver look or black, I went with the silver color. What can I say? I like the bling!

I also ordered a charging handle that is the silver colored Nickel Boron, and ordered two 30 round magazines. I may not be at the point of needing these parts but I am starting to realize that this really is a, collecting process. After placing the order, the site informed me that I would have to wait at least four weeks. Alright, well at least I can check these parts off the list.
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OVERLORD78 said...

If you ordered from RGUNS good luck!

ArmedCandy said...

Bad experience?

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