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Guest Post: Ladies & Guns

By April

It used to be that only the toughest women conceal carried a firearm. Those women needed protection while their husband was out on the range. Or those who didn't have a husband, and needed to be able to defend herself and her children, as well as her property. However, over the past few years, women and gun ownership have dramatically increased.

Due to this increase, we, as ladies have also created a new niche for firearm manufacturers. Most women would probably have a difficult time concealing a 9mm in the pocket of her pants or in her jacket pocket. By nature, women generally have a smaller frame than men do, which means smaller clothing and smaller pockets and less room for concealing a weapon.

In order to keep up with the women who choose to carry many companies now have a "Ladies Line" of firearms that may be smaller and easier to conceal, but do not skimp on the point of keeping one safe. For example, Smith & Wesson has come out with a line they call LadySmith. This line consists of both revolvers and pistols, which come in a variety of calibers. The major difference between this line and its regular line, is the frame size of these firearms. A smaller frame size allows you to carry discreetly, but still pack a punch when needed.

Charter Arms has also created a line of firearms directed towards women shooters. Several of these firearms come in the feminine color of pink. However, for those ladies who do not like such a frilly color, you do have the option of choosing from many other colors as well. This female gun line includes only revolvers at this point. However, we would like to see Charter Arms expand.

If you are a lady who enjoys shooting as well as carrying a concealed weapon for protection, I highly suggest that you take a look at some of these firearms that are directed towards women. You may be pleasantly surprised at how your aim and overall shooting skills increase.

Please join me in thanking April for her guest post. Let us know what you thought and maybe she'll become a regular contributor. Thanks -Gabby
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Roger Holmack said...

Nice article April...a good follow up could be how to conceal them and maybe a review of you shooting one, with what ever color you like...with video of course...

Jason Van Haaften said...

I would like to say good job overall. The only thing I saw that would cause any problems; is: she used the word production instead of protection. Which im sure was an automated typo error. The other is with Charter Arms. The only type of gun they manufacture are revolvers. So he comment about pistols; should never have been made. Check out www.charterfirearms.com.

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