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Gun Nuts Post ImageA day or two after the Connecticut shooting, when I was still working at the gun range, the conversations swirled about how such an event would affect the gun-loving community. We had already seen sales of firearms increasing, but it was Christmas time, so that was kind of normal. People were worried about what laws the Obama administration would try to enact. Would they make all of our current activities completely illegal? Were they going to ban new semi-automatics? Would they tax ammunition? Nobody had any idea what laws might be recommended, but everyone was in a frenzy, because we were under attack!

Pretty soon it was common to see a store that were completely out of a certain caliber. People began accepting lower quality reloads for their range sessions. More random brands were appearing in gun stores and selling for the price we had paid for new brass, only a few months earlier. Many paid these prices with no information about what components has gone into these rounds or what affect they might have on our firearms.

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