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Review: 50 Cal Bullet Pen

By Gabby

50 Cal Bullet PenLooking to have some fun at your local range this April Fools day? Whip out one of these 50 Caliber Bullet Pens as you are walking into your lane and casually ask,
   "OK if I shoot this one again?"

Ok, maybe not. But a little gift from Realbullet.com, for your favorite gunner, might not be a bad idea. They have pens, bottle openers, necklaces and more. All are made from real components but none are actually, "live" rounds. They have different calibers of many of their products, so you won't have to lug a round a 50 cal, when a .308 will do the trick!

The 50 caliber pen, they sent me, writes smoothly and fits in my hand surprisingly well. I probably wouldn't carry this pen in my purse daily (due to weight, lack of cap and places that might restrict such items) but next to the phone, or by a notepad in the foyer, it makes a fun conversation piece. Check 'em out and have a safe April Fools Day!
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Ben said...

I've been thinking about bringing live rounds to display at my desk but this is a better idea!

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