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Review: CZ ProTek

By Gabby

CZ makes a concealable 9mm
Man, this ammo shortage is really cramping my style. How can a gun blogger review a firearm that they can't feed? I'm thinking of raising the level of the situation from "shortage" to "crisis". I'm also considering concepts like "The Ten Round Review", but I'm still hoping it won't come to that. In the mean time, I've been giving a careful once-over to the ProTek by the CZ Custom Shop. Getting a chance to hold it, and dry fire it at SHOT, just wasn't enough. This is not a gun you would ever see at a rental counter or even in a display case, so getting in depth with it, seemed that much more necessary. Does it make a good concealable 9mm? Is it a women's gun?

For those unfamiliar with the CZ 75 platform, I urge you to seek one out and spend a little time. Most find the trigger, straight out of the box, the best stock trigger available. Equally noteworthy is the accuracy, which is credited to the slide-in-frame design that is unlike most of the other pistols on the market. (I could go on about the perfection of CZ 75s, for a while, but for now I'll stick to the matter at hand.) The ProTek begins with a 9mm P01 model from within the 75 line. The P01 is already CZ-USA's carry model, but the custom shop took it to a whole new level. Anything that could be smoothed or polished on the gun, was smoothed or polished. Weight was removed from the slide and the frame. Tritium night sights were installed on the front and rear and cool aluminum grips were put on as well.

As a Single Action/Double Action pistol, the ProTek uses a decocker as its only external "safety". While I generally prefer a mechanical safety and keep my 75 B "cocked and locked", the ProTek does a great job at coaxing me to the other side. First, they smoothed the double action trigger to less than 8lbs. Then they customized the decocker and smoothed it as well. The result is a dreamy trigger pull in both double or single action.

I took the gun to a meeting of A Girl & A Gun Women's shooting league, in Cumming GA for their thoughts. The first thing that impressed the ladies was the magazine capacity. The ProTek ships with two 14 round mags, however, when fully loaded, the gun loses some of it's light weight appeal. They were also excited about the shape of the slide and how the gun fit into their hands. Woman often find that the CZ 75 slide and grip are an ideal fit in the ergonomics department. After shooting the gun, the word I kept hearing from the ladies was, "Sweet!" A few of the newer shooters found the crisp trigger a little surprising, but I wouldn't consider that, a complaint.

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Wendy M. said...

"Sweet" was the only thing that came to mind when you brought the CZ ProTek to the meeting that night. I am going to be saving my money for one of those. Thanks for letting us try it out that night.

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