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Video Review: Galco Carry Safe

Galco Carry SafeBy Gabby

Before we get to the review video I want to take a moment and address "Purse Carry".
Incase you haven't heard me say it before, I tend to shy away from concealed carry in a purse or hand bag.
I have three reasons for this:
1. We girls tend to put our purses down all over the place or carry them very nonchalantly. This can lead to all sorts of trouble.
2. When you reach for your gun in a purse, it may be difficult to get a solid grip depending on where your bag is hanging at your side.
Carry Safe hooks to the inner pocket of any purse
3. If you don't use a bag made specifically for concealed carry, you're gun is likely to float around with all the junk in your hand bag.

However, we ladies may require "purse carry" at some point in our fashion carriers and so, I implore you to spend extra time practicing this method before you conceal carry on the street.

Check out the Carry Safe and all their other great holster options at Galco
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