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What if...? Your Defense After You Pull the Trigger

By Gabby

If someone broke into your home and you used a gun to defend your family and your property, what would you do next? I'm not asking if you call 911, go check on the kids or hide under the bed. I'm referring to the practical to-do list that follows.
What should you say when the police arrive?
Will you go to jail?
Who will bail you out?
Will you need a lawyer?
Who should your family call?
Is anyone hurt or traumatized?
Who will clean up your home?
Where will you and your family stay if your home is deemed a crime scene?
Where will you get the cash to pay for all these incidental expenses?

People don't hear enough, about what happens after you defend yourself. There are a slew of events, decisions and expenses that almost always follow, but since the news rarely covers the story of the good guy, many don't even know that we need to prepare to answer these questions too.

I had a nice conversation with The Second Defense Alliance the other day. To be clear, they are not an insurance company, but a membership group. They are the people to call in order to answer each of the afore mentions questions. For a monthly membership fee, they become the first call, after you've defended against a home invasion. They can almost always arrive within 24 hours, and then they start handling things. Like a rich uncle who appears and never let's you touch the bill at dinner, Second Defense Alliance swoops in and claims, "We got this".

Once a family joins, Second Defense Alliance begins to prepare for their what-ifs. A complete record is kept for the family so that in an emergency, everything is easy to find. Have a lawyer already? Great, that information is at hand and they will be contacted and paid. Need bail money, they arrive ready to handle it. If you don't have a lawyer, they have a national database that has been narrowed and screened, so finding legal representation isn't a problem.

Currently, the group only covers actual home invasions. They are working on extending their reach, but for now they are filling a majorly deficient void. One of the most important factors about this organization, I believe, is that they inspire every gun owner, every household and every family, to address some very important questions, in advance of an emergency or incident.
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