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A Gun-Girl's Broken Heart

By Gabby

A Gun-Girl's broken HeartPeople fear that gun folks are going to suddenly get angry and start shooting everyone. Well, I just found out (a few days ago) that I was cheated on and had four months of my life wasted by a selfish brat of a boy, and not once has shooting him entered into my head. Allow me to clarify; This was not a drunken accidental slip. It was premeditated, fly to another state, lie by omission, try to rationalize it, cheating. It ended with him getting caught and being forced to come clean to me, but only after I had picked him up from the airport... I was used, no doubt; But while I'm deeply hurt, I'm not thinking of causing him any physical harm. I'm leaving all my anger to the theory of, "What goes around, comes around," and letting the whole thing go.

However, this incident causes me to consider why some people, with access to a firearm, reach for them at stressful moments like this. Frankly, I think people who turn to violence to solve non-violent issues, are not normal, they are criminally unhinged. (In my professional opinion) they are missing that part of the brain that knows the difference between defending one's self against a real threat and using force to appear stronger, or more powerful, than another.

I just heard a story on the radio about a guy who was shot after he stole another guy's TV. The shooter was the original owner of the TV and he took it upon himself to take back his TV by seeking out the thief and then shooting him. This is not how reasonable members of society act, but it is how, my more liberal minded friends, imagine things go down in a society of armed people.

We need to fix this perception. We must let those outside the gun world see those of us who are responsible, safe and, for all intents and purposes, mentally stable, but who also happen to be gun owners. Everyone needs to know that there is such thing as a "good gun owner" and we are all around, quietly going about our lives... So how 'bout this, if you've ever drawn your gun, aimed at another human being and fired your weapon, even though that person was NOT threatening your life, please comment below with your name, state and the story behind the shooting.

(Military service stories welcome, because there are never enough opportunities to honor you!)

Thank you-
Gabby Marcuus, Gun girl
©2013 ArmedCandy,LLC


Miguel Gonzalez said...

But just in case, a message to cheating boyfriends of armed ladies:

TV-PressPass said...

That sucks Gabby. But good on you for being able to take a shitty situation like that and still turn it into an insightful blog post!

Crotalus said...

Might I also suggest that such people as you described are rare?

ArmedCandy said...

Which? Good gun owners? Or crazies?

JustSomeGuy said...

"Selfish brat of a boy," indeed. These overgrown children in adult bodies need to be called out. They need to be shamed (whether or not they feel any). And they need to be ostracized. MEN know how to honor commitments and at least have the decency to end one relationship before embarking on another.

For the record, I'm not normally a big fan of shaming or ostracizing. I'm not terribly concerned about society's opinions in general. But personal responsibility is a hallmark of long term civilization, and the handling of interpersonal relationships is reflective of personal responsibility.

Oh, and last thing: There's no such thing as a "drunken, accidental slip." It's BS for I'm an irresponsible child, and you shouldn't accept that as an excuse, either.

Sorry about your troubles, wishing you well,

Jamie said...

I'm sorry and hope you find someone more trustworthy and deserving of a relationship. You handled the situation as well as anyone could hope to.

ArmedCandy said...

Thank you! We all have those days. I'm already feeling much better and seeing the bright side!

Kalaryn said...

I'm sorry to hear about what happened, I've been through it myself (too many times to really count) and you know never once did I ever think of causing that person harm.

I like that you bring this point up because you are absolutely right that most safe gun owners do not first think of solving their problems with a gun, personally I think most who have fired a gun, don't think of it as the first option and only see it for self-defense. People who have never fired a gun, might find it easy to think that a lot of people would seek this as their first option, not just against another but maybe even against themselves.

I can't add to any story of ever pointing a gun at someone because I never have and I hope never to have to but I am prepared to do so if I NEED to protect myself.

Once again sorry for what happened but at least you can move forward with your life and stop having your time wasted.

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