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AR-15: A Brief History for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Corbis: Vietnam Soldier with M16In order to do a better job on my own AR-15 build, I figured it might be handy to learn the history of this coveted weapon system. Having studied architecture in college, I realize that some times form can be affected by more than function. It turns out, the AR was not an immediately hit and caused almost as much controversy as it does today. But I get ahead of myself. We should begin with the term "AR". Until recently I believed the acronym stood for "Assault Rifle", but I learned that ""AR" actually stand for the company at which the platform was invented, Armalite. Eugene Stoner, Armalite's chief engineer in the early 1950s, called on his background in the aircraft industry, and designed a rifle that was lightweight and appropriately "space-age" for the day. He utilized plastic, fiberglass and aluminum for the AR's design, which was an 180 degree turn from the steel and wood firearms previously on the market.

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