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AR Build Diary: Grips

By Gabby

There are a ridiculous number of grips to chose from when it comes to the AR-15. This little piece of plastic is a major part of the legal arguments against the weapon system. I have gathered a selection of "AR grips" that are available from various manufacturers, though I have narrowed my preferences considerably already. The grip in the center left has a trigger guard built in, so you know I don't need anything like that, but as you can see, some of these extend back and up to cover a portion of the lower receiver, and some have finger indents molded in too.

From what I have learned from loving my CZ's rubber grips, I know I appreciate a very ergonomic grip with some give to it. I also think that the extended curve in the back of the grip will be a positive for me. Lastly, because I intend to allow many other women to shoot my AR, I will likely chose a grip that is of an intermediate size so that my long fingers and other smaller one's, can all appreciate my creation. The grip in the top left corner and the two in the bottom left, are my top choices.

It is worth noting that the complete gun depicted on the center right, is a grip/ stock combo product that may be necessary if law makers succeed in outlawing the "pistol grip". This item may make an interesting review someday, since it completely changes the dynamics of the stock and buffer system.

After considering all of the options I went with the pistol grip in the top left corner of the image. It is made by Ergo Grips and comes in two textures, Rhino skin and Suregrip. I went with an ambi design, though they do make lefty styles as well. The Suregrip texture has a little more give, so that was my preference and for the ease of things, I went with black. I'll write a complete review once the grip arrives and I start assembling. Since I have ordered so many of these parts online, I am now wondering... Will the blacks match?!?! I know, I'm such a girl!

Note: Some gun solvents don't mix well with plastics and rubbers. Be careful!
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ben said...

magpul MIAD or MOE+ if you want something soft and cushy

ArmedCandy said...

You know don't want whatever body else has... Magpul shmagpul

Rooster said...

What a coincidence. My AR, Ol' Painless, got an ERGO Suregrip. I love it.

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