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AR Build Diary: To Sling or not to Sling?

By Gabby

Tacticalink has some products that look interestingAnother decision for that rear section of my AR is sling connection points. I prefer the idea of a two-point sling for the stability and I hate the idea of lacing it in and out of static attachment points.

I like the QD (quick detach) connectors so that the sling can be completely removed if I want. The thing is, many of the mounts for these are either for lefties or righties and the ones that are "ambi" have a loop on both sides. Well, I want my AR to have no "extra" parts on it, but I still want it to be versatile, so if I hand it off to someone else they feel comfortable with it as well. To the left is a QD ambidextrous sling attachment point from Tacticalink that looks interesting. The connection point pivots under the buffer tube to work for lefties or righties.

Then again, how often will I be wearing my rifle around me like a purse?

padded rifle sling for my delicate shouldersIf I do the sling thing, I'm gonna need a padded shoulder of some sort, which I've seen, but how long do I plan on standing around all geared up?

Though its probably against my better judgement to invest in a sling, it would be about the only fabric I'll have to bedazzle... Gotta remember to keep it classy though!

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Jon Lee said...

Do you mean a padded chest rig or a padded sling? If you're looking for a great two point, adjustable, padded sling, might I be so bold as to recommend the Viking Tactics VTAC wide padded sling. Once you get it fitted it's really comfortable and it's got a really nice quick adjust system. If you're looking for something flashy, it comes in Blaze Orange :) Keep up the great work!

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