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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

I was considering a gas block with top and bottom rails last night, until I was advised that anything other than iron sights near the barrel would melt. I'd love to hear thoughts on this. If that's the case, why do they make gas blocks with more than a top rail?

Would you help me with a few more decisions?

Now, remember my lower receiver will be turquoise, should I fill any of the markings? If you think so, tell me which ones.
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The Wolfman said...

Always fill the safety. High visibility when it comes to fire or no fire is just a good decision all around. You can tell with just a glance across the room wether it is on safe or not.

ArmedCandy said...

Have you ever done it? Do you use nail polish, crayon, enamel?

TCinVA said...

Practically every AR part you can consider will generate jihad levels of disagreement. The standard A frame front sight is generally seen as the most durable and reliable gas block you can get because it's basically pinned in place rather than using set screws which can loosen over time. If the gas block is properly installed, however, set screws shouldn't be coming loose.

In your situation I'd advise letting the rest of the rifle make the decision...what rail system will you be putting on the rifle? Some of them require a low-profile gas block, and some of them do not. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the gas block as a railed surface for mounting things. If I want the real estate I'd rather have a rail system that extends over the area of the gas block and just use the rail. That way I have a lot more flexibility in the exact placement of whatever I'm hooking to the rail.

If you get the standard A frame sight you can still get a good rail that gives mounting real-estate around that area from outfits like Daniel Defense. That's my preferred setup, personally.

Mandy said...

I used enamel - the type for model cars. :)

ArmedCandy said...

Here's kinda what I'm going for:

TCinVA said...

If that's the aesthetic you're going for (I'm remembering that this is going to be a very pretty gun, which is an alien thing to me) then a flip-up front sight would be the one thing that makes sense to put on a railed gas block. (The gas block itself heats up a bit during shooting) Alternately you could extend the handguard/rail mounting platform over and mount the flip-up on a section of rail up top. Either way will work.

The important thing for your piece of mind, though, is to be assured that a low-profile gas block isn't death on a stick. If it's a good one installed by a competent AR mechanic then you'll be fine.

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