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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

The count down is on! My receivers and hand guard are anodized and crossing the country. I can't help but check the tracking number every few minutes. Because the lower receiver is part of this package, the law says that they must be delivered to an FFL. My FFL has also been made aware or the tracking number and knows to when the box is due to arrive, because FedEx will require a "Signature by an Adult".

Needless to say, my AR wrench is ready!
Yes, I bought some tools and an AR wrench was one of them. I went through Amazon, and as with a lot of my shopping I went with the middle priced option. There's no reason to spend $50-100 on this tool, but $15 isn't really enough. Be sure to read reviews carefully before placing any order.

Tactical Pretty, the company who created my beautiful receiver package, has informed me that the anodized metal will be begging for a drink of oil when it arrives. Therefore, I am now pouring over a decision that will affect the maintenance of my AR, for the rest of its life. I had been considering the idea of switching to FrogLube, but because that product is incompatible with petroleum based products, it would have to be an encompassing decision to switch to FL.

When I get the parts home, I have been told to give them a generous coating of lube and then let them sit, overnight. I imagine this will be a lot like seasoning a cast iron pan (sans the hot oven and nasty smell). Frog Lube happens to have a really nice minty smell so that's the way I'm leaning, but I'll let you know.
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