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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

Not your typical stockI chose my stock!!!

It was a long hard process but the order is placed and I'm excited! I chose a lesser known company, because, ya know, I like to be different. It's light weight, but still has a large storage compartment. It's adjustable and versatile, with two QD sling connection points and a standard connection point as well. Optional parts include an adjustable check rest and a tiny click on GPS unit. The storage compartment is accessed by flipping down the kick pad on the butt of the stock. I like this better than the side entry compartments for two reasons. First, to access the compartment one must lower their rifle. This keeps one's focus solely on the task at hand, meaning no accidents. Also, those side compartments add extra parts and controls, though they usually offer rear entry compartments at the same time. That's extra weight and extra mechanisms that may break. Further, the rear compartment on the stock I ordered is water tight, Awesome! The stock also comes with a X shaped foam block that buffers small items inside the compartment, so there is no rattle...when I'm in stealth mode.

Still not sure what stock I'm using? Keep reading...
Mission First Tactical Battlelink Stock
One of the first bits of advice I was given about AR parts shopping, was to know the difference between Commercial and Mil-Spec, and this is especially important when choosing a rifle stock. "COMM" or "MIL" are basically, designations for two different size tubes (along with some other minor features). Your receivers will be one or the other and a stock should be ordered to match. I know what your thinking, What if I get a COMM receiver, but the stock I like, doesn't come in COMM. Not to worry. This isn't like when you find the perfect shoes, but they only come in black and you want them in navy. Every stock out there is made in both "styles". However, colors are more like the shoes analogy. For example, the stock I bought is available in black, OD green, tan, gray and scorched earth. If I'd started with choosing a stock and gone with scorched earth, I might have ended up with a very limited selection, if any options, for parts like grips and rail covers, because this color is far less common than say, "black".

My AR-15 will feature a Low Profile Battlelink stock by Mission Fisrt Tactical.
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Marcus B said...

Excellent choice! Just to clarify the buffer tube is either commercial or mil-spec, not the receiver itself.

Good luck with the build!!

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