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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

Red Barn Armory
I stumbled onto this site after too many hours of doing the same searching myself. It seems Gunquester has found a way to search many of the gun-parts web-stores for a certain item, and not only relay whether it's in stock, but tells you if the store's inventory system is actually linked to their site. (This is important because while some stores show an item as "In Stock" or are willing to take orders on a certain item, it is only after you proceed with the transaction that you will be told that you may be waiting for this shipment, indefinitely.)

Through this site, I was lucky enough to discover Red Barn Armory. This seems to be a very new little web-store out of Texas, and sometimes, smaller is better. Not only did they have a certain part I was hunting, in stock at a great price, but they also offer free shipping! I placed my order before noon and by two I received a shipping confirmation. I also like that they offer "order tracking" directly on their site. I'm not one to call and check on my order every day, but it's nice to know that they have a thorough system in place.

My only wish is that they carried more products! (That an I wish they took American Express.)
I highly recommend this little shop
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ArmedCandy said...

Update: Red Barn Armory now has more stuff for sale, AND they now accept American Express #ACsAR http://www.redbarnarmory.com/?Click=360

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