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AR Build Diary

By Gabby

Decisions for the back of my rifle:

• My lower parts kit came with a buffer and buffer tube, so I don't have to worry about that, but a few items are related to that area and need to be considered before completing the assembly of my lower.

• The most visible of these is the stock. I love the ones with all sorts of compartments! I know you're supposed to put specific commando things in those places, but I've got plenty of other girly things that I gotta carry around while I fight zombies. I also love an adjustable stock. A fantasy of mine is that I can have a stock that adjusts, has compartments AND folds up, so my gun can get really compact when necessary. (This is legal in Georgia, but be careful in other states.) Many people have told me that a folding stock isn't an option in an AR-15 because of the buffer tube, but a few companies are making kits that make it possible.
Lesson: don't let anyone tell you something isn't possible! If you wanna get creative with your build, tell them, ArmedCandy said it's ok!
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Marcus B said...

You would need a piston driven upper instead of a direct impingement one. The DI system requires a buffer tube while the piston systems do not.

ArmedCandy said...

Are you sure?

Marcus B said...

Maybe not. The bcg on all the DI systems I've seen take up the entire upper and leave no room to cycle without the buffer tube. But I haven't had much exposure to the piston systems. All I know is all the piston systems I have the ability to do a folding stock(aka no buffer tube)

If anyone knows any differently I am always keen to learn new things!

ArmedCandy said...

Anything is possible, b sometimes we have to wait for someone to bring the product to market! Check out lawtactical.com

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