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Being Girly, Gun-Girly

By Gabby

Being Girly is part of being a gun-girl
Being girly and being a gun girl, just go together, and I think I may have nailed down one of the reasons for this.

Last night I was lubing-up all the parts for my AR. I took out the main parts of my bolt carrier group so I could do each part individually. I didn't take the bolt it's self apart, (which requires tools) but when I went to put the bolt back into the carrier, I couldn't get the final pin to slide into place. Just then I remembered boyfriend saying something about how a certain part had to be facing a certain direction. I could remember the statement, but not the specifics...go figure. Rather then force it, I laid all the parts on my polishing cloth, and posted a photo to the ArmedCandy FaceBook page. Within a half hour, there were four comments, (all from guys) offering help. There were two emails from two other guys, and had I not answered the phone, there may have been a knock at my front door.

They love to come to our rescue in these kinds of situations. They have been studying for just such a problem most of their lives and they are ready! Luckily they don't need to don a suit of armor or get on a horse, but in their minds, there is little difference. I think part of the reason this is highly tied up in being a gun girl, is because behind almost every gun girl, is her man, who is also, a gun guy.

I was raised to never to play the role of Damsel in Distress. I guess mom taught me to ask for help when I needed it, there was no shame in asking for a little assistance, but there is no doubt in my mind that my mother intended to raise self sufficient women. Therefore, it took me a second to comprehend the idea that sometimes, men want to be our heroes, but I'm starting to get it.
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Roger Holmack said...

Oh my girl! It's looks like you need a father figure. I'm in the DoD club, dads of only daughters. I'll be happy to explain a few things to you. Just message me on FB if you're interested...

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