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Reader Email: The President and his security

Obama visits Atlanta

By Annony Reader

Today, Gabby posted a pic of the president's motorcade driving through Atlanta and mentioned that he had shut down the southbound side of 75 and all the overpasses as well. I don't know about you, but that seems a little excessive.

I find it sad that a man, or woman, surrounded by security would be okay with telling me I can't carry a gun for protection (much less which guns are appropriate).

If he gives up his secret service and police escorts then I'll leave my gun at home. Obviously this would mean that neither of us would feel, or be, safe. ...more over, that would never happen.

Politicians need to realize that disarming citizens while maintaining a security force for themselves is WRONG. There isn't anything I loathe more then hypocrisy!

/end rant
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