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Shopping for AR Parts -for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

AR anodized by Tactical PretttyWhen I told my friend, back in December, that I was ordering my AR receivers, he laughed and said, "Good luck finding a lower parts kit!" Another friend, who had started his first build six months earlier said, "Ha! You picked a heck of a time to start!" For all intents and purposes, both of them were right. Since the beginning of this year, inventory of guns and gun parts has been exceptionably low. You can't visit a single web-gun-store without seeing multiple "out of stock" labels. This is especially true of .223/5.56/AR-15... everything.

Therefore my friends' concern for my project made sense, but as it turns out, they were wrong. My lower parts kit, ordered in January, came in before my receivers, though I wouldn't call early April, speedy delivery. Everything else has required a hunt, but as a first time builder, I believe this was the best possible scenario. Before you call me crazy, read on.

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