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Surprised by my Gun-Free Family for Gun Nuts

By Gabby for Gun Nuts

Concealed carry in North CarolinaA day before last weekend's trip to Asheville NC, my mother said to me,
"You're not taking the gun with us, are you?" I informed her that that was my plan, because when my family comes to my neck of the woods, I feel it, my responsibility to protect them. She then worried that this would upset my sister, who is basically anti-guns. To which I replied that she needn't know I was wearing it. Then my mother asked,
"So you're going to wear it everywhere?!" Matter of fact-ly I said,
"Thats how it works."
**and scene**

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Jon said...

Good to hear that you stand up for the safety of you and your family. Keep up the great work.

kalaryn said...

Good job for standing your ground. Last night was the first time I carried going somewhere with my sister but I didn't say I had it, she knows I have a CCW so I think it just comes down to don't ask, don't tell. lol.

Curious: is your sister really anti-gun or just not a gun fan? I thought my sister was anti-gun and had kept it from her for a long time. I recently came out of the closet about it.

My mom is very against guns and has made a huge stance about how she doesn't like that we have them in our house but she doesn't live there, doesn't get on my case too much other than a few snide remarks here and there.

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