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A Girl & A Gun with ArmedCandy in Marietta GA

By Gabby

Yesterday's visit to the newest Georgia chapter of A Girl and A Gun, was a wonderful time. The ladies welcomed me and made me feel at home, as did their home range, Wild West Traders in Marietta GA.

The range is in the process of expanding which will be great for the area, but was a bonus for us girls, because we had the place to ourselves. The A Girl and A Gun facilitator, Ginger Peacock, (yes, that's really her name, not a spicy pink cocktail) began this group just a few months ago and is seeing trickles of growth at every meeting. My favorite part of the evening, was watching the ladies help one another on the range. The more experienced women, shared tips and guns with the less experienced and everyone learned and grew in her own way.

As for the products I brought to show the ladies, they seemed to love the Laserlyte training system, the iPhone Knucklecase and GunUp magazine. We all agreed, pink shooting gear is not the final word in designing for women with guns. We also questioned "What were they thinking???" about some of the holstering systems that the industry has offered us ladies thus far. I got a personal jolt of excitement when I saw that my newly finished turquoise AR, was able to show these ladies that a black gun could be a blank canvas for self expression!


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